Our Made in India Design and utility patented unique Meal Prep Bag fulfills your meal prep needs in style

Each Bag is made of Poly premium fabric for utmost durability and insulated interiors to keep your meal fresh for up to 6 hours !!

Ample space to add five 1200ml meal boxes and still maintain the shape

The Bag sells with an option of with/without the accessories which include 3 Premium Hunger boxes, 1 Cyclone shaker, 1 Metal Ball shaker, 1 pill box (28 days), 1 Hand Towel and 1 Sipper Bottle

Selling all the accessories eliminates the need for you to buy your own individually, saving you time and money!



  • Poly - Premium Fabric
  • Embroidered Branding
  • 5 Zip locks and 7 sections
  • Premium collectibles inside
  • 18 inches in height, 10 inches in length and width